high pressure pre soak

High-Pressure Pre-soak

Our High-Pressure Pre-soak helps remove the surface level dirt and grime before you get to the full wash. Complete this step before applying soap or use of foam brush. This provides a great initial cleaning of the loose dirt from the exterior of the vehicle

high pressure soap

High-Pressure Soap

Use our High-Pressure Soap with warm water to apply a coat of soap to the entire vehicle. The combination of the soap and high-pressure water will help to loosen up the dirt and grime left after Pre-soak. Next step, Foam Brush with Soap.

foam brush with soap

Foam Brush with Soap

To get all of the dirt and grime entirely off, use the Foam Brush with Soap to scrub and remove everything from your vehicle. Time for the High-pressure rinse.
high pressure rinse

High-Pressure Rinse

After using the foam brush, use our High-Pressure Rinse to wash off all of the soap and dirt. Use on all areas of the car from front to back.
engine cleaner

Engine Cleaner

A great option to keep your engine clean. Apply a low-pressure Engine Cleaner to the surfaces that need cleaning. Doing this will loosen the dirt, oil, and other grime before following up with another high-pressure rinse.
tire cleaner

Tire Cleaner

Apply Tire Cleaner, which quickly cuts through all of the accumulated road grime and brake dust to make your wheels and whitewalls look new.
bug removal

Bug Removal

Apply to all areas of your vehicle (bumper, windshield, side mirrors, etc.) where bugs and insects can collect after driving. This process will help loosen the bugs from the vehicle surface and be followed up with a high-pressure soap or rinse.
spot free rinse

Spot Free Rinse

A final warm water, Spot Free Rinse to entire vehicle for a spotless finish.

Vacuum in Every Bay

Time to make sure that your interior is as clean as the exterior. Make use of our vacuums to clean up all of the dust, dirt and things that have fallen between your seats and centre console.